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Known Issues by Date

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Report Date Known Issue Description Other Information
01-12-10 You receive the message "The Syllabus has not been selectively released to you." when accessing it from the Course Tools, Student View. See page linked for more info.
01-05-10 The "Adjust All Dates" button in Date Rollover tool brings up a blank page or a "session has expired" message. See page linked for more info.
7-9-09 In Student View, when I click on a link to a Chat room from a learning module, I get the message "Chat/Whiteboard not avaliable in preview mode". See page linked for more info.
6-09-09 Documents attached to an Assignment cannot be removed.  Documents attached to assignments that have the characters "%20" in the title (as a replacement for a space character)  cannot be removed from an assignment. See page linked for more info.
3-4-09 Change a students grade if a Grading Form was used.  
12-16-08 Announcements from the Admin/Group level may not be able to be reordered and receive "System Exception Error". See page linked for more info.

Bb Vista Email attachments do not get sent if you click on the "Preview" button before sending the email, even if the attachments appear to still be there.

When the receiver gets the email there are no attachments.
When the sender checks their Sent mail items, there are no attachments.

See page linked for more info.
11-6-08 A few Safari browser users have reported dropped connection error or system exception error while trying to connect to Blackboard. See page linked for more info.
10-27-08 Learning Modules may become "out of order" when created from a course copy. See page linked for more info.
10-27-08 The Internet Explorer 8 browser will be released in November and is not compatible with Bb Vista 8.0.1 No fix available.  Do NOT upgrade to IE8.

Error messages occur when trying to upload or restore larger files, such as .ppt and .bak files. Message on PC says "Socket Error". Message on Mac says "Broken Pipe".

See page linked for more info.
10-08-08 Headings and other content will not indent, or difficulty re-ordering items in a Learning Module. See tool page linked for more info and possible workarounds.

Course List in My Blackboard occassionaly does not show a course, or the course "dissappears" from the list when scrolling.

See tool page linked for more info.
10-14-08 Assessments that had question point values that included decimals, may have had the decimals rounded when course moved from Summer Server (v4.2.3) to Fall Server (v8.0.1). fixed with SP 2 & 3 applied 8/22/09
9-23-08 Date fields do no let you enter "08" for the year. Example: If you type in 10/1/08, Bb changes it to read 10/1/0008.  This happens in Assignments and Assessments area. See tool page linked for more info.
9-15-08 The "no print" code for assessments takes up almost the entire allotment of characters spaces allowed in the Custom Instructions area. See tool page linked for more info.
9-15-08 An "Unknown Person" reference shows up in the Tracking area. Bb confirmed as bug. See more info on tool page linked.
9-10-08 The Google Chrome web browser was released, and is not compatible with Bb Vista 8.01.  No fix available. Do NOT use Google Chrome with Bb Vista 8.0.1.

Mail forwarding from Blackboard does not work with the following emails: commnet, comcast, sbcglobal.


Mail forwarding works now with: commnet, hotmail, gmail, yahoo/rocketmail. Still does not work with comcast or sbcglobal.

Resolved 9/18/08.
9-9-08 The "Midnight" clock setting for Start/End times adds on 24 hours. (This can also be an issue in the Assignments area, or anywhere you can use the clock setting for Start/End times.) See Assessments area for workaround. Workaround available on tool page linked.
8-29-08 The Firefox 3 web browser release was released this week, and it is not compatible with Vista 8.01.  Some Bb Vista users have already reported problems with frames and learning modules. No fix available. Do NOT upgrade to Firefox 3.
8-25-08 Unable to use Web Folders in File Manager, because of username/password prompt. no fix available. More info on this issue in the File Manager tool page linked.
8-18-08 Unable to rename a folder. fixed with SP 2 & 3 applied 8/22/09
8-15-08 You can not "reorder" assessments if they are set to "hidden". workaround available on tool page linked.
8-12-08 Unable to edit some HTML files that were brought over from a course copy.  
6-01-08 New discussion posts disappear when opened workaround available on tool page linked.
6-01-08 New indicator in Discussions tool does not go away when posts are read no fix available.
6-01-08 Users who are using the Internet Explorer web browser are kicked out of Bb Vista course sections and back to My Blackboard when trying to open Office 2007 (and sometimes other) files. documentation with fix available on tool pages linked.
6-01-08 When you select a date on the calendar, and click to Add Entry, it defaults to the current date. Resolved.



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