Grading Forms

Known issues, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds related to the various links in found beneath the  Grading Forms tool, which appears on both the Designer Toolbar and Instructor Toolbar.


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Key:  fixed   |  awaiting feedback from Bb   |   to be fixed in a future release 

Issue Reported by Notes or workarounds Attachments/
Report Date Status
Changing a students grade if a grading form was used Kathy Murphy, GWCC If a grade that was submitted using a grading form, the instructor needs to enter a comment for the change to actually take place in the grade book.   For example, the instructor would need to go to the grade book and click on a student’s discussion grade, and the grading form comes up. Below the form there is a box to manually enter a different grade, then the instructor must enter something in the comment box (not the grade audit comment box) and then click on SAVE for the change to actually occur.      unknown