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Known issues, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds related to the Grade Book tool, which appears on the Instructor toolbar.  


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If you are logged into a Blackboard Vista course and click GradeBook, and the GradeBook does NOT appear, and you only see a blank screen

Reported on Bb user listserv Do not panic, the GradeBook is not gone. Clear your browser cache--this should fix the problem. (Thanks to Marie Farrell at CCC for this doc.)   1/3/11  
Changing a student's grade if a Grading Form was used Kathy Murphy, GWCC Please see the workaround noted in the Grading Forms page.     unknown
Gradebook tool becomes inaccessible to instructor or does not appear when clicked on.    Clearing the browser cache seems to remedy the situation. Be sure to close ALL sessions of the browser after clearning the cache, and relaunch it before relogging in to get to Bb Vista.  


Cannot override a calculated grade with a negative number.  Kathy Murphy, GWCC      5/1/2009 

An enhancement request has been submitted to Product Development for possible inclusion into a future release.  

Students are not seeing all of the grade columns in their gradebook that have been released to them. Several

Toggle the "Released to Student" to off and then back on.


This is a bug that was introduced with Bb 8.0.3 hotfix 1 (applied 1/18/10).   A patch has since been applied to fix this from occuring to new columns. This toggle "fix" only needs to be done to columns that were already set to release prior to the hotfix if the students are not seeing them.

  1/28/10 Patch already applied. Still need to "toggle" some grade columns as stated in Workaround.

The unenrolled members of a class appear to be throwing off the graph data under "column statistics' in the grade book.  If  you choose to "hide unenrolled member data" under "grade book options" the graph still shows the lower grades of people who have dropped the class.  

      4/27/10  Reported as bug on 7/9: #VST-2205