Welcome to the Blackboard Vista Troubleshooting Wiki for Faculty 

This wiki will be used to share the most up-to-date information available on known issues in Blackboard Vista related to tools accessible to those with section designer and instructor access, along with troubleshooting tips and workarounds that you can use until a known bug is fixed (usually in the next release). The content in this wiki is organized by tool. However, you can start by looking in the Known Issues section at the top of this page, where the most current bugs and problems (and their solutions, if any) will be referenced, along with links to more detailed information (if available) on the related tools page.


Please note that there is also a Blackboard Vista Troubleshooting Wiki for Students, as well. Some sections of this wiki will direct faculty to the student wiki, in cases where the technical information or fixes are identical for both students and faculty. (This helps to ensure that both user groups will always get the most up-to-date information.) Examples include:  Java and Browser issues, and known alerts.


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Check the Known Issues by Date list.

...or use the links in the table below to peruse issues by tool:

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