Known issues, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds related to the Assignments tool.  


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Key:  fixed   |  awaiting feedback from Bb   |   to be fixed in a future release 

Issue Reported by Notes or workarounds Attachments/
Report Date Status
Documents attached to an assignment cannot be removed.  Documents attached to assignments that have the characters "%20" in the title (as a replacement for a space character)  cannot be removed from an assignment. T. Krutt; K. Murphy This is a bug in the Bb Vista system--in some cases, it is unable to handle a file with the characters "%20" in the filename. Instructors should not attach documents to assignments that contain space characters or "%20" in the filename. The only solution is to remove the assignment and recreate it.   June '09 known bug - no fix anticipated
Text copied into HTML Creator box from MS Word when creating an assignment question may generate errors. various Don't copy/paste text from MS Word, only from Notepad or Word pad. See more info in HTML Creator page.   4/22/09 no fix
Date fields do no let you enter "08" for the year. Example: If you type in 10/1/08, Bb changes it to read 10/1/0008.  This happens in date fields in the Assignments and Assessments area.   Type in the year using all four digits. So for 2008, type in 2008 rather than 08.   9-23-08

This issue has been recognized as an official bug, and will be resolved in a future hotfix/service pack.

Grading forms associated with assignments do not display to students until the assignment is submitted and graded. several Although Assignments can be associated with a Grading Form when they are created, a known bug currently exists that prevents students from viewing the grading form prior to submitting the assignment. However, the instructor can still use the form to grade the assignment, and after it’s been graded and released, the student can see how they were graded based on the form, along with any comments their instructor added to the form.    June 08 to be fixed in future release