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Page history last edited by Rhonda DeWitt 11 years, 5 months ago

Known issues, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds related to the Assessments tool.  


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Key:  fixed   |  awaiting feedback from Bb   |   to be fixed in a future release 

Issue Notes or workarounds Attachments/
Report Date Status
Text copied into HTML Creator box from MS Word when creating an assessment question may generate errors for students. Don't copy/paste text from MS Word, only from Notepad or Word pad. See more info in HTML Creator page.   4/22/09  
Assessments that had question point values that included decimals,  may have had the decimals rounded when course moved from Summer Server (v4.2.3) to Fall Server (v8.0.1). Workaround is export the tests indivudually from the Summer course, and use the Import from Manage Course in the Fall course.  The decimal point values remain this way.   10-14-08 fixed with SP 2 & 3 applied 8/22/09
Date fields do no let you enter "08" for the year. Example: If you type in 10/1/08, Bb changes it to read 10/1/0008.  This happens in date fields in the Assignments and Assessments area. Type in the year using all four digits. So for 2008, type in 2008 rather than 08.   9-23-08


This issue has been recognized as an official bug, and will be resolved in a future hotfix/service pack.  

The "no print" code for assessments takes up almost the entire allotment of characters spaces allowed in the Custom Instructions area. Currently looking for a shorter "no print" code that you can use.   9-15-2008 Pending until we find another code.
In Edit properites for Start/End times: By clicking on the clock and choosing "Midnight" it adds 24 hours to the date/time. Instead of choosing "Midnight" from the clock icon for Start or End time, type in 12:00 AM.   9-9-08


Bb added to their 8.0.1 bug list.

You can not "reorder" assessments if they are set to "hidden". If you "unhide" the assessments, you can then reorder them.   8-15-08 Bb added to their 8.0.1 bug list.
You can not reorder assessments even when they are not set to hidden.    


Bb added to their 8.0.1 bug list.


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